Why you need to be prepared

Our Scriptures are rich and full of wisdom. Unfortunately, Scripture has at times been used to condone, justify and even perpetuate sexual and gender based violence. Verses and passages have been taken out of context and misrepresented, leaving room for people to be hurt, shamed and victimized.

Now is the time to reclaim our Scriptures, remembering that God calls us to love one another (John 13:34) and live in peace (1 Corinthians 7:15).

Many people have never heard a message about sexual or domestic violence from their pastor; the 2014 Broken Silence report found that 65% of US Protestant pastors surveyed spoke to their churches once a year or less about the issue. Additionally, the passages of Scripture that discuss them, such as the Rape of Tamar in 2 Samuel, are not on most liturgical calendars. As a spiritual leader, you can help your congregation make sense of the difficult passages and gain a biblical perspective on violence.

Besides, there is nearly a 100% chance that someone in your pews is either or victim or a perpetrator of violence who needs to hear a strong, clear message.

Ways to speak out and lead from the pulpit

  •    Preach a sermon or series
  •    Participate in “Speak Out Sunday” (or Sabbath or Service) annually in October
  •    Host an adult education class


ONE IN THREE Sermon Guide

WeWillSpeakOut.US has worked with respected, ordained ministers to create a sermon guide with sample sermons about:

  •    Loving one another
  •    The concubine in Judges 19
  •    A comparison of Ruth and Naomi’s story to modern-day human trafficking

A copy of the WeWillSpeakOut.US ONE IN THREE Sermon Guide is available for free download here.

We recognize that everyone may not agree with every teaching and interpretation found in this guide. Whatever your theology or tradition, we ask that you prayerfully approach the Scriptures with a teachable mind and heart that are open to God’s truth. Our goal is peace, never division.


WeWillSpeakOut.US has a set of tools and materials to help you prepare for your SPEAK OUT SUNDAY (or SPEAK OUT SERVICE) program. These are available for free download here.