Support Survivors

Make the Call; End Domestic Violence

In situations of dating or domestic abuse, one of the first things a person loses is their voice.  For the 1 out of 3 Americans affected by abuse, a phone can make more than a simple call. It can make a significant, life-saving connection. Since 2001, Verizon’s HopeLine program has collected over 10.8M phones to give survivors of domestic violence a voice when they need it most. Read below to learn more about the story of the HopeLine phone and how we can all use our voice to break the silence of abuse. Learn more


Theological Resources

Created Equal: Men and Women in the Image of God

This 36-page booklet provides a biblical understanding of equality between women and men. It responds to frequently asked questions such as how to understand creation, the fall and some of Paul’s writings. It also includes questions for further reflection and discussion, and a list of additional resources. Suggested donation: Free. Order Here


1in3_headerOne In Three: Preventing Sexual Violence in Our Communities

This sermon guide—developed through the collaboration of health experts at IMA World Health and ordained ministers—begins with an introduction to SGBV and why the Church must take action, followed by three chapters each addressing a specific SGBV issue. Each chapter includes an introduction explaining the health issue, a sample sermon incorporating appropriate Scripture, and guiding questions to help you discuss this issue with your congregation. Free. Download Here

General Guides for Faith Leaders


Developed by Safe Havens and available free. Go


member_mennoniteAbuse: Response and Prevention Booklet (Respondiendo y Previniendo el Abuso)

Our churches and homes shouldn’t be places that hurt. This booklet is a guide for church leaders to provide tools to help care for victims, survivors, and perpetrators of abuse both in and outside of the church. It includes basic information, biblical reflections, guidelines for response and suggestions for prevention.

Free PDF Download

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Domestic Abuse Training for (Busy) Pastors

A self-guided training outline for pastors who have a high view of the scriptures, and want to respond biblically to domestic abuse with professional and practical intelligence. Written by Barbara Roberts and available free at


Christians ending violence against women: Resources for Churches

Developed by We Will Speak Out member Restored and available for free download.


Hearts and Hands: Piecing Together Faith and Safety for Rural Victims of Sexual and Domestic Violence

Developed by Safe Havens and available free at


Spiritual Responses to Domestic Violence

In order to support survivors and bring awareness to the devastating effects of domestic violence on individuals, families, congregations, and communities, faith leaders can build knowledge to recognize the warning signs of abuse, build skills on how to respond effectively and safely, and learn where refer for services and supports that have specific expertise to work with survivors of domestic and dating abuse in each community.


Child Abuse Resources


Sexual abuse and awareness prevention program. Go 

Engaging Men

pcusaMen in the Mirror

“Orienting Our Lives Toward a Christ-Centered Masculinity” by Rev. Dr. Kevin E. Frederick. Go

Handouts and Brochures

Home Shouldn’t Be a Place that Hurts

This brochure addresses abuse and provides indicators of healthy and unhealthy relationships. “Home Shouldn’t be a Place that Hurts” is intended for congregations as well as individuals. It offers insights about what to do if you are being abused, if you may have acted in abusive ways or if you know of abuse. Suggested donation: Free.
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Sex Offenders and Faith Communities

Protection and Inclusion

Guide for Congregations on Safely Including Persons Who Have Committed Sexual Offenses (by Dove’s Nest).

Clergy as Abusers

Protection and Inclusion

Understanding Sexual Abuse by a Church Leader or Caregiver

Deals with the complex issues surrounding sexual abuse within the church. This booklet provides a clear definition of what constitutes sexual abuse by a church leader or caregiver.
It includes a composite story of actual experiences and gives tools to help individuals and groups understand some dynamics of sexual abuse. Of special note is a section on the issue of power and abuse of power. Also, we gain insight into understanding the victim, the caregiver who becomes the perpetrator and the congregation where the abuse has occurred. This is an excellent resource to prepare Christians to respond appropriately when confronted with the grim reality of sexual abuse. Free PDF Download 

Addiction and Abuse

The Recovery Village

Resources to help address the links between domestic violence and substance abuse. Go